Dyslexia Creates 2019

The British Dyslexia Association working in collaboration with the V&A and the Academy of Contemporary Music are launching Dyslexia Creates 2019, the start of a campaign to celebrate the creative contribution dyslexia makes and to redefine the way society sees dyslexia.

Aidan Ridyard, a Principal at Burrell Foley Fischer, will be participating in the launch event, on Thursday 26 September at the V&A South Kensington. The conference will showcase how and why dyslexics are consistently at the fore of creative sectors, and look at how, as our understanding of dyslexia grows, we can change the way society and organisations view dyslexia and embrace its potential.


The event will open with a welcome from V&A Director Tristram Hunt, followed by presentations and panel discussions. Drawing on his own experience of dyslexia Aidan will be contributing to a session entitled “Why organisations that are embracing dyslexic creative thinking are seeing a competitive advantage” together with Kainne Clements, Executive Chairman, Academy of Contemporary Music and Metropolis Studios.

Other highlights will include “New theory on why dyslexia evolved, completely reimagining the role of dyslexia in organisations” by Helen Taylor, Cambridge University and “The creative power of dyslexia and how do dyslexics think differently” by actress Lauren McCrostie and choreographers and documentary makers Elizabeth Pick and Charlotte Edmonds

Helen Boden, CEO, British Dyslexia Association, said: “It’s long been known anecdotally, and now research is confirming, that dyslexics have strong creative minds. They can easily assimilate complex and nuanced information, they are hardwired to challenge what is known and explore new ideas. Dyslexia Creates 2019 is the moment for us to celebrate the massive creative contribution dyslexics are making now and explore how organisations capitalise on this talent in the future. We’re excited to be teaming up with leading creative organisations V&A and Academy of Contemporary Music to make this event happen.”