Planning Permission received for another Homes for Islington Scheme

A Burrell Foley Fischer scheme for two new build dwellings and the creation of a new mews and landscaped square utilising existing redundant garages for Homes for Islington, has been approved by the Local Planning Authority.

The affordable housing for rent at Vulcan Way on the Westbourne Estate includes 15 new single bedroom flats accessed from ground level and 2 three bedroom family houses with outside garden space at ground level.  The houses have access to gardens and adjacent disabled persons parking and are suitable as mobility standard dwellings.

This comprehensively considered scheme creates a new landscaped mews with trees with the vacant garages converted to dwellings. This will inject new life, activity and security at ground level.  There is a new railed off public garden as part of the scheme. Currently the site has 100% coverage in tarmac with no planting whatsoever.  Modified upper walkway balustrading will also bring more light and passive surveillance to the new mews.