John Burrell to take part in Lewes FutureScoping Symposium

John Burrell is taking part in FutureScoping, a symposium on the future of Lewes’s cultural infrastructure provision: “What do we want? What does Lewes need?”

John is a founding Principal at Burrell Foley Fischer, the architects for the award-winning Depot Cinema. The venue was recently described as having “reused and extended a redundant semi-derelict warehouse to create a new townscape and a community amenity performing functions far beyond the cinematic experience. This is an outstanding mixed use cultural building and an exemplary piece of placemaking.” 

BFF_The Depot_Lewes_©Hufton+Crow_015.jpg

Other participants at the symposium include: Alison Grant, founder and director of Fitzroy House – Lewes’s latest cultural hub; Frances Hollis WorkHome advocate and researcher on this new ‘beyond LiveWork’ housing approach: Piers Taylor, Invisible Studio experimental architect, most recently on the participatory artists and makers Watchett Arts Hub; and Jess Steele, director Jericho Road, social and community development, led Hastings Pier community organisation

The event is taking place at the Depot in Lewes on Sunday September 30th between 1.30 and 5.30pm.

FutureScoping is part of Make Lewes Festival 2018, a community organisation that promotes the exchange of knowledge in the fields of Making, Architecture, Design & Sustainability. They organise and run live projects, workshops, talks, seminars, exhibitions, film screenings and further events, with the aim of creating a dialogue between our local community and the wider national and international community of designers, makers and thinkers.

More details of the symposium can be found here.