John Burrell becomes International Making Cities Livable Board Member

John Burrell has been invited to join the Board of International Making Cities Livable (IMCL). Founded in 1985, their biannual conference programme enables city officials, architects, planners, developers, community leaders, behavioural and public health scientists, artists and others responsible for the liveability of their cities to exchange experiences, ideas, strategies and expertise.

The IMCL movement promotes True Urbanism, prioritising time-tested principles of appropriate human scale architecture, mixed use, and a compact urban fabric of blocks, streets and vibrant active diverse public spaces, to create an authentic, inclusive, enlivened public realm.

John Burrell at the City for Tomorrow Conference 2018 in Beijing

John Burrell at the City for Tomorrow Conference 2018 in Beijing

John is a founder of Burrell Foley Fischer with specialist expertise in urban design, master-planning, working with communities, and the imaginative re-use of historic buildings and city spaces. His ongoing track record of architectural award-winning projects includes arts and urban regeneration projects and his 1986 RIBA funded research, ‘New Urban Centres in Suburbia’, and the TCPA ‘Tomorrow’s New Communities’ competition winner were based on his vision and commitment to the polycentric city model to combat sprawl.

John has taught Urban Design at many UK universities and lectured in Germany, Italy, France, USA and at the 2018 Beijing Design Week in China. Current projects under construction are based on his in-depth work and approach to augmenting, extending, remediating and greening London’s historic urban grain to make more flexible, humane spaces that when deployed London-wide would result in 250,000 new homes using only publicly owned land and without recourse to comprehensive redevelopment.

In 2018, he received the IMCL Livable Cities Honor Award in New Mexico for his work: ‘City Continuity, Community’.

Further details about IMCL can be found here