Burrell Foley Fischer on shortlist for restoration of National Theatre of Norway

It has been announced that a team including Burrell Foley Fischer are amongst a shortlist of eight groups that have been invited to tender for the design contract for a major restoration of the Norwegian National Theatre.

The National Theatre in Oslo is one of Norway's largest and most prominent venues for performance of dramatic arts. The theatre had its first performance on 1 September 1899 but can trace its origins to Christiania Theatre, which was founded in 1829. It was designed by architect Henrik Bull and is centrally located between the Royal Palace, Oslo and the Parliament of Norway. The main theatre contains three stages: the main stage (Hovedscenen), the amphitheatre (Amfiscenen) and the Painting Parlour (Malersalen).

Exterior - image courtesy Statsbygg

Exterior - image courtesy Statsbygg

Burrell Foley Fischer are part of a team led by Norweigian Architects, Lund Hagem Arkitekter AS. The team also includes MOE AS, Engineer Per Rasmussen AS, Bollinger + Grohmann Ingeniører AS and Dronninga Landskap AS. BFF will contribute their extensive experience of the conservation of historic buildings and designing theatres and buildings for the performing arts including; The Crucible, Sheffield (Listed Grade II); The Royal Hall Harrogate (Listed Grade II*), The New Theatre Royal Portsmouth (Listed Grade II*), Watford Palace Theatre (Listed Grade II), The Almeida, Islington (Listed Grade II), and Cambridge Arts Theatre Listed Grade II). Their remodelling and restoration of the Hall for Cornwall (Listed Grade II*) is currently on site and will increase its audience capacity and conserve and restore its important heritage elements and bring them into better use.

Main Stage - image courtesy National Theatret Oslo

Main Stage - image courtesy National Theatret Oslo

The selection of the design team is being led by Statsbygg, a public administration company under the Ministry of Local Government, who have stated that experience was an important criteria in the shortlisting process. “The groups have been selected both on the basis of solidity, expertise and previous experience”, says Communications Director Hege Njaa Aschim – “In this project, in the selection of companies we have emphasised transferable knowledge and experience with rehabilitation and antiquarian restoration”. She also stated experience with buildings for theatre and stage specialists were important qualifications. “Those selected are all well qualified, architects, landscape architects and consulting engineers in several subjects.”

The other seven selected groups are:

WSP Norge, Arkitektskap AS, AIX Arkitekter AB, WSP Teknikk AS, Ingeniør Per Rasmussen AS og Asplan Viak

NSW Arkitektur AS, Pir II Arkitekter, Norconsult, Ingeniør Per Rasmussen AS, DIFK, Studio Oslo Landskapsarkitekter og Tekka

Sweco Norge AS, Ratio Arkitekter, Origo arkitektgruppen AS og Futhark arkitekter AS

Snøhetta Oslo AS, ÅF Advansia og ÅF Engineering AS

Bollinger+Grohmann Ingeniører AS og Dronninga Landskap AS

Nordic Office of Architecture AS, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris Architects, Haptic Architects, Norconsult AS

Multiconsult Norge, 4B Arkitekter AS, Dyrvik Arkitekter AS, Erichsen & Horgen AS og SLA Norge

Arkitema Architects AS, Reiulf Ramstad Architects, COWI og NIRAS